Practical Minimizing Tips

Out with the Old, Make Room for the New (Pre-Holiday Purging)

Have you heard the recommendation that for every new item you bring into your home, purge the corresponding number of items to make room? Winter holiday season has a way of bringing lots of new objects in so this is an ideal time to begin thinking about stuff to release.

Feelin’ Charitable

One simple way to wrap your head around things to let go is to reflect on the charities that you support or would like to assist.

  • Go online, look at their wish lists.

  • Then stroll around your home to see if you have any gently used items that will meet their needs.

    • Before the onslaught of new toys and games arrive, cull through those your kids have outgrown or are no longer in favor. No child should go toyless during the holidays so your donations will bring so much joy.

    • Do the same with the kiddos clothes, outerwear, and even children’s safety products such as car seats and childproofing equipment. I love supporting NW Children’s Outreach. I believe they do a phenomenal job outfitting needy infants through teens in our metro area, and their facilities are expertly organized. A few days ago, I dropped off a load of Legos, books, games, and karate gear. One of the staffers asked if I would add to my blog an urgent SOS for winter coats. They are in desperately short supply.

    • Hygiene products are always appreciated, and in the case of NW Children’s Outreach I was thrilled to learn that they will take individual feminine napkins, tampons, and diapers without the original boxes (of course they must be new and properly sealed). This tidbit is a gold mine for me as I often come across these unboxed supplies when helping a client clear out a home.

Think Outside the Box or Cage

For old linens, pillows, or other plush goods, check in with animal shelters or breeders. They are often looking for towels and soft goods to make cages more comfy. They may also accept new or gently used pet toys. The Oregon Humane Society has a robust wish list that goes well beyond pet food and toys. Honor the memory of a beloved pet by passing along some of their favorite treats or toys.

GARAGE SALE copy.jpg

Time to Give the Knickknacks a Paddywhack?

At one time those porcelain figurines were all the rage, and now they are collecting dust and taking up space. Would dollars mean more to you than dolls? Try online selling, consignment shops, garage sales, or if $ are not your motivation, then donate. Local thrift shops often support charities in your area. Give them a buzz to see if they will take your old treasures off your shelves.

I hope that you will find these suggestions helpful to make room in your home for all those new additions.