Practical Paper Management Tips

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Shred That Sh*tKeep Your Personal Information Personal

Pardon the expression.  If you are an ardent shredder at the beginning of the new year like I am, then you know what I mean.  There are reams of paper that contain information that I choose not to throw into my recycling bin without nearly annihilating them first.  We accumulate so many documents despite enrollment in electronic bill and brokerage statement delivery.  I choose a day in January where I go through the previous year's folders and ditch any documents I no longer need. 

Looking for suggestions for what to keep and release?  Check out my May 25, 2017 blog Practical Tips for What to Keep and How Long by clicking here.  Shred any documents that have your personal information that you do not wish compromised.  This includes account numbers, social security numbers, tax documents, and account balances.

My advice for what it is worth is to research heavy duty, cross-cut shredders.  This literally was a game changer from my ancient long strip shredder.  I used to re-feed the paper or hand cut the strips for extra security.  My new machine eviscerates the documents into 0.17" x 1.77" pieces up to 10 sheets at a time.  At that rate, the process goes surprisingly fast.  If you do not have one, check with friends or sites like to see if you can borrow a shredder for a few hours.  You can also take advantage of neighborhood shredding events.  Keep your personal information secure.

Credit cards, staples, and paper clips are no match for my Ativa. 

If you plan to invest in a shredder, be sure that it does the job thoroughly and quickly.  This will save you time while giving you peace of mind.