Baby Steps

The theme of today's blog reflects my mantra of late.  Changing careers, starting a relationship, delving into a new hobby, launching a business, and even organizing your home...these can all be overwhelming at first.  The to-do lists appear endless.  You doubtlessly feel bombarded by the mountains of information to sift through and absorb.  Then there are the inevitable times that you will stop and question, "is this endeavor worth it?"

As I began launching this business, there have been many days that I have felt that the lists are insurmountable and the obstacles too large.  Hence the need for the mantra "Baby Steps" which I chant to myself each morning as I prepare to tackle another checklist item.  On the days that frustrations have gummed up the works and progress comes crashing to an unwelcome halt, I have been blessed with those around me to whisper or more likely admonish rather loudly, "BABY STEPS!" to remind me that everything will get done in due time.  It will not happen all at once nor in all honesty do I want it to. 

My mission for the launch was to give myself a year to get everything up and running so that by the time that my last bird has flown the nest, I will be consumed with putting the finishing touches on and proceed with the operations stage.

The point of all this is as you look around your nest (and quite likely if you found yourself on this website), there are areas or maybe your entire house that are in a state of disarray.  As your stomach starts churning and the muscles tense in your back and neck you wonder how or where to begin, just remember "Baby Steps." 

In fact, sometimes it is best to start with a very small project or area because the pay-off will be more immediate.  Your brain will experience the surge of endorphins while you admire the progress made stoking your energy and motivation to move on to other areas.   In later blogs we will get into how to activate those endorphins based upon your personality type to make this chore more palatable.

So with that being said, it would be my pleasure to lend a hand with a small project to get you up and running one step at a time.  Baby steps indeed.