Gift Yourself Play Time: You Deserve Fun & Games

Silliness is not so silly. Allowing ourselves time to play and have fun are integral for our overall well-being. If you are having second thoughts about gaming gifts or taking time out to explore your inner child, think again. The benefits are innumerable.

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Are You and Your Brain Seeing Eye to Eye?

Yuck, there are zillions of items on your to do list. How will you ever keep track of them all? Will you ever get yourself motivated to accomplish at least 1-2 of them? Does thinking about all you need to do make your head spin? Or maybe you feel like you got this, no problem. Learn to use the strengths of your brain type and your sensory preferences to summon the mojo to get moving and stay on track. Check out this month’s blog and personality assessments to get the most out of your abilities and rip through .

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The ABC's of Your Reducing Your Eco-Footprint

Where is away when it comes to our trash?  Well, surely not in my backyard (NIMBY)!  Obviously none of us wants a landfill near our homes but trash has to go somewhere. The less we produce and the more we reduce, then less is disposed. 

As many of us clean up and clear out this spring, recycling and waste reduction guru Betty Shelley provides us some insight into how we can best honor Mother Earth during this Earth Day month while also reducing our environmental footprint in a way that saves us time, money, and peace of mind.  Betty has so much useful knowledge to share with us all.  Enjoy this month's Practical Sort's blog interview with Betty Shelley.

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Where Do You Draw the Line?

For $1 million would you give up everything you own for 21 days, sleep naked on a bare floor, and run au naturel through the streets to carry on with your day? 

A rather exaggerated way to earn that much dough while delving into your psyche's prioritization of what is essential to you.  Would you be game?  Read more about this crazy experiment and how it might give you some food for thought about your possessions.

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You Downsized Your Wardrobe, Now What?

What happens when you clear out your clothes closet chucking all those puffy-sleeved jackets, torn shirts, stained dresses and nothing is left?  Cristina Villareal, wardrobe stylist, shares some of her wardrobe capsule secrets with The Practical Sort to start rebuilding with practical and stylish flair.

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Miracles Do Happen: You Just Need to Look

When moments are at their bleakest, when the light at the end of the tunnel is so far beyond reach, and when you feel like you don't have the wherewith all to make it to the finish line, just hold on tight. 

There were many occasions in this story when we were in way over our heads yet small milestones were reached with only slight hiccups until eventual triumph.  Looking back, the serendipitous progression and outcome were nothing short of miraculous.

I suggest grabbing a tissue to dab your eyes before you begin reading.

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Making the Most of Selling in the Off-Season

Considering an off-season home sale?  John L. Scott Realtor, Joanne Galant, provides a roadmap for making the most of off-season selling.   Before planning and prepping, take a look at Joanne's advice for what you need to know to make informed decisions.  Her tips will enhance property marketability while ensuring the process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

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Do you know what you are missing? I had no idea!

Sometimes we don't know what we are missing, but cluing in can lead to surprising results.  My world changed when I discovered the many benefits of slide out drawers and shelves. Read the latest What's On My Mind Today to find out how slide out drawers and shelves can save you time and duplicate purchases, spare you from bodily injury, and eliminate hassle.  Who knew?

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3 Warning Signs You Might Be Stuck & 1 Quick Trick to Move You Forward

Find out what's on The Practical Sort's mind today.  The latest blog "3 Warning Signs You Might Be Stuck & 1 Quick Trick to Move You Forward"  is now available.

Are you feeling like you are getting nowhere with the tasks on your to do list?  Are you frustrated because your goals seem unreachable?  When we are not achieving our daily objectives, many of us experience the same tension as being stuck in a traffic jam.  Notice your physical and emotional reactions when you look around your home or scan your calendar.  There is so much to do and scads of stuff to attend to.  You might feel trapped like you do in an endless line of vehicles miles from the nearest exit. You are literally immobilized. 

The Practical Sort looks at 3 warning signs that you might be stuck and a little trick to get you moving again to knock some of your tasks out quickly and easily.   Check out the latest blog today to get you on your way to a more productive day.

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Creative Uses of Small Spaces: A Fresh Set of Eyes Can Transform a Vexing Room

Small rooms and limited storage cause unique organization challenges.  Do you have pint-sized spaces that you find perplexing?  Maybe you are too close to see the answers that will bring about the desired change.  Engaging an organizer brings in a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at old or vexing problems. 

In this month's blog, we will examine a client's relocation from a 3 bedroom condo to the bedroom of her youth and the resulting storage and layout issues.  With a few simple, inexpensive adjustments, we devised some solutions to house most of her beloved and frequently used possessions.   Bottom line:  the changes in her surroundings yielded immense emotional benefits.  Check it out.

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