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One Step at a Time

Don't know where to begin?  All of the featured spaces in the gallery below went from cluttered to organized by taking one step at a time. 

First define what your space will be used for.  Remove anything that does not pertain to that space or does not serve a purpose.  Ask yourself why is this book, knickknack, folder, appliance important and why should it be in this room?  Then arrange your items in a way that will enhance your productivity.  Play around with your stuff, leave it for a few days in its new placement and see how that feels to you or works for you. 

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  •    Free Phone Consultation
  •    On-site Needs Assessment to define your vision
  •    Plan of Action development and implementation

Redefine and organize personal and home-based business areas

  •    Kitchen Efficiency
  •    Craft Rooms
  •    Home Office
  •    Small Spaces (closets, cabinets, shelves, etc.)
  •    Paper Management
  •    Pre and post relocation/moving organization services
  •    Room reclamation and repurposing

Follow-up and maintenance plans to ensure that you are on the road to continued success

  • We will check in with you approximately 30 days after project completion to allow you time to assess your new system.  We will work with you to make adjustments if necessary. 
  • As life circumstances change, our maintenance plans keep you on track.

We do our best to use what you have on hand otherwise Concierge Services are available upon request for locating and shopping for storage options. 


Creative Uses of Space

A Fresh Set of Eyes Can Help Transform a Vexing Space

          With a Few Simple Adjustments


Engaging an organizer brings in a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at old or vexing problems.  You might think that the solution to your situation should be obvious, yet you are challenged because you are too close to see the answers that will bring about the desired change. 

In this situation, a cramped closetless bedroom needed:

  • Space for hanging clothes
  • More storage for personal items, accessories, files, etc.
  • A bright, open, airy layout to make the room feel bigger while still adding storage options

After a few simple adjustments, the room slowly transformed

finished closet cropped.jpg

We removed the dark wardrobe.  It consumed too much space, made the room feel smaller, did not provide adequate storage, and needed repairs.

Two bookcases in an off-site storage unit replaced the wardrobe and file cabinet.  Baskets were added to the shelves to house folded shirts, accessories, cat toys and accoutrements.  Books, photos, and decorative objects added a personal touch.

Brackets were hung between the 2 bookshelves to create a hanging closet system.  Curtains from a previous residence were repurposed into a privacy screen for the closet which also houses a cat feeder and hamper.

Papers were culled from the old file cabinet which was removed from the room.  Retained files were relocated to a credenza in an allocated office space at the foot of the bed (in the foreground). 

Moving the chair from the long wall to the window adjacent to the bookshelves provides the cats a sunny place to nap or watch the birds.



Slowly many other changes are occurring as the transition from a 3 bedroom condo to a one residence takes shape. 


"Although there are still things I'd like to do with it, the room has become a PLACE where I can REST and RECOVER".
Chris D.






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