Relax: I Get It

Keep the momentum going toward the future lifestyle and home you desire

Keep the momentum going toward the future lifestyle and home you desire

Have no fear inviting me into your home.  I have seen and dealt with it all, no judging here. 

Please do not straighten before our appointment.  Seeing how you live and where you struggle will allow me to better assist. 

No apologies please for the state of your home.  If it was perfect, I would not be there.  

Please do not lose your courage now.  You didn't take this step toward transforming your home, your lifestyle lightly.  You are moving in the right direction.  Let's keep the momentum going.  Open your future.

Do you understand Quantum physics and the Big Bang Theory?  I sure as heck don't.  No, I am not referring to the tv show, but I don't get that either.  Somehow, in virtually an instant, the universe went from nothingness to the cosmos and life in all forms that we know now.  Embarrassingly, the late Professor Stephen Hawking and some of the most brilliant scientific minds attempted to explain these theories to me, well, technically to me and several hundred others at a symposium last year, but the concepts soared past way over my head.  I don't get it.

Have you ever tried to explain something to someone else, something that is so elemental to you?  As they nod their head in agreement you notice their vacant eyes are glazed over.  A sense of frustration grows within both of you as the idea is clearly not landing.  How can they not see it?  The answer is so obvious.  What is easy or logical to some folks is profoundly mind-boggling to others.  Fortunately our brains operate in a myriad of ways otherwise we would experience a heck of a lot of monotony.  Consider all the inventions that would never have occurred if our brains were homogenetic.  Frankly, while my brain could have conceptualized airplanes and flight, it all ends there.  Applying the physics, math, materials, and other scientific processes to have taken theory to that reality is not a strength of mine.

My brain is wired to create order and simplicity.  And the more I study, and the greater sampling of clients with whom I work, I continually grow to understand why organization is difficult for some brain types to grasp and implement.  Your synapses could be firing off calculations to formulate innovative tech gadgets, conceiving abstract artwork, or planning the next gal pal outing.  You have your things, your passions, your strengths.  Add to the mix coping with physical and/or mental pain or exhaustion disorder becomes more complicated and the burden is cumbersome.  An extra set of hands can lighten the load.  An extra set of eyes or an alternate mindset is useful when you don't know where or how to begin.  By tapping into what works for you, it allows me to explore a host of techniques.  Some will wow you, some will fail, some will have to wait and see.  But we don't give up, we simply try something new as we chip away.

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The main takeaway is practicing patience.  Face it, the circumstances likely took years to get to this point or you experienced a distressing event that has changed your life's dynamic and healing takes time.  With trepidation and lots of soul-searching you reached out for assistance.  Don't you wish we could channel Bewitched's Samantha?  A nose twinkle to handle all the stuff.  Paper would sort itself out, land in neatly labeled file folders, or crunch through the shredder then disappear.  Piles would magically rearrange, relocate, or dissipate entirely. 

Reality is reality, Samantha was just Viacom dots on the tv screen.  That means we get down and dirty and begin work.  How long will it take?  Honestly, I have no idea.  How fast do you process?  Will items trigger memories that you wish to share in intimate detail, set off a flood of emotions and tears until you catch your breath again allowing us to move on, or will you bull-headedly plow through the morass?  Everyone is unique.  Every circumstance is different.  But what I know is that the longer the situation lingers, the longer it takes to resolve and the greater the costs on so many levels, financially, emotionally, personally, professionally, romantically, and socially.

Look around your house with a gentle, judicious eye.  Do you like what you see?  Major reconstruction may not be within your budget or timeframe, but overall are you pleased?  Are you satisfied with how you function in your daily routines?  Do you sense cooperation or hindrance at every step?  Consider if it is time to make a change.  Nothing gargantuan, start small.  A drawer, a shelf, a laundry basket.  If it feels too big, reach out for help.  A spouse, a family member, a friend, or a professional organizer.  When you make the request, ensure it is someone who will not judge you, make you feel bad, or distract you from your objectives.

When the time is right, I know you will reach out at  And when you do please remember: no fear, apologies, or pre-straightening necessary.