Get Organized Month is Your Invitation for the Change You Desire

Time management tweaking
Productivity improvement

Are these tasks part of your New Year's resolution list?  Do they seem to reappear year after year?  January is Get Organized Month, why not take advantage of this celebration to launch your home and lifestyle transformation?

What is Get Organized Month?

Get Organized Month began in 2005 as an off-shoot of a highly successful Get Organized Week Community Service campaign during which members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) held community-wide events to raise awareness that "getting organized empowers people to regain control over their time, possessions, inboxes, and surroundings."  Since the launch over a decade ago, organizers and productivity specialists across the country have helped individuals, families, companies, non-profits, and educational institutions realize transformative solutions.

Take the opportunity to begin the year with the gifts of rediscovering your personal spaces, making the most of your time, and maximizing your daily productivity.  Start today and leave procrastination and excuses behind. Maybe you have tried in the past and it hasn't worked as well as you hoped.  Perhaps the process is too overwhelming and you have no idea where to begin.  If you need an assist, professional organizers are available to guide you along the way.  Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants specialize in an array of services such as paper and electronic document management; photo organizing; closet cleanup; organizing for those with emotional challenges or needing ADD/ADHD support; eco-organizing; moving, downsizing/right-sizing, and relocation services; senior-transitioning; professional office organizing; coaching/training; event planning; hoarding situations; etc. 

Why Choose A NAPO Organizer?

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) membership is comprised of over 4000 organizing and productivity professionals.  Their mission is to be the leading source for organizing and productivity professionals by providing exceptional education, enhancing business connections, advancing industry research, and increasing public awareness.   Members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics regarding working relationships, confidentiality, fees, and colleagues.  NAPO University offers training and continuing education enabling members to provide the highest quality services for our clients. 

NAPO Oregon membership enables mind-sharing with other local professional organizers for idea exchange, assistance on large projects, and additional training opportunities.  Networking with NAPO Affiliates and Associate Members provides access to local contractors and businesses who offer a variety of services to meet your unique organizational needs and industry partner discounts. 

When selecting a prospective professional organizer, ask if they are a NAPO member.

How to Find An Organizer Who is the Right Match for You

Humans are unique in so many ways.  We are gifted with our own styles and preferences in how we maintain our surroundings.  Each organizer approaches projects from a variety of different perspectives so it is important to find a match that fits your comfort levels.  While price should be a consideration, personality, skill set, confidentiality, and rapport should be paramount before engaging their services.  Organizing your home is a personal journey, so clearly convey your objectives, be certain your concerns are addressed, and that you feel at ease sharing this intimate part of your life.  Keep in mind that most arenas for which you desire lifestyle change did not occur overnight so results may not be immediate.  Give the process time to unfold.  Take it one step at a time to avoid any additional overwhelm.  You are likely to find that your new system will be easier to maintain after completion, but getting there requires diligence and patience.

When is the best time to get organized?

What does your ideal home look like?  Visualize your ideal day.  Do either of these embody frustration, overwhelm, missing items, late appointments, embarrassment or disorder?  I sure hope not.  Why would you want to spend another day wishing that your dream could become a reality?  Let's get you started on the path toward a home that reflects your inner desires rather than external chaos.  Accept the invitation to celebrate Get Organized Month.  Contact The Practical Sort Eco-Organizing Solutions today and we will get you sorted.