Practical Gift Ideas

Flowers, candles, and chocolates are amazing. Been there? Done that? Try one or all of these can’t miss gift ideas.

Flowers, candles, and chocolates are amazing. Been there? Done that? Try one or all of these can’t miss gift ideas.

Mother’s Day is less than a week away. Is your brain turning somersaults questing for indulgent gift ideas?  Try any or all of these can’t miss treats.  They are divine for those on a tight budget and fairly certain to further endear yourself to her.

  1. Cover Your Tracks. 

    Remove clues as to which rooms you have used by picking up and putting away all garments, newspapers, magazines, food items, and other refuse. You get the picture.  Wipe down any surfaces and floors where splatters or crumbs have been left.  This includes the bathrooms, so check around those toilet rims. Yuck.

    Emptying overflowing trash, recycling, and compost bins into the curbside receptacles will also yield a satisfied smile.

  2. Take a Spin.

    Toss in a laundry load (or 2): Be sure to separate the dark colors from the whites and lights and use the manufacturer’s recommended amount of detergent.  The gift can backfire if her treasured white blouse ends up splotched with blues and purples or colors inadvertently bleached.  Also check with her if there are any delicates that cannot go into the washing machine or need to be placed in garment bags to prevent any tears, pulls, or disfiguring. 

    The same goes for the dryer.  Some clothes need to be line dried (or dry cleaned), so put those aside to avoid shrinking a sweater into a munchkin pullover.

  3. Do Some Weed(ing).

    I had you there for a second unless she is into that. She may love gardening, it may be cathartic for her.  But a hand removing the weeds enables her to get right to planting magnificent flowers without getting bogged down on digging up the dregs of the yard. Now if weeding is her “thing”, then leave her a small patch to tend.  Yes, the herbicide Roundup might be the easy and rapid way of weed destruction, but if the gardens are organic especially if growing edibles, then chemicals are a no-no.

fruit-2305192_640 mothers day.jpg

4. Now You’re Cooking.

Wow her with a Mother’s Day Brunch.  Track down sumptuous favorite recipes or surprise her with something new.  Be mindful of any dietary restrictions she may currently be observing.  Waking up to the aromas of a steamy coffee or tea, fresh fruits, and delectable dishes baking in the oven will start her day off with pure adoration for you.

5. Kneading Each Other.

Pamper her with a massage.  A day at the spa will not only allow her time to relax and rejuvenate, she will also be reminded of how appreciated she is.  If your budget is too tight for such extravagances, as she is lounging on the sofa, reading a book, or watching tv, gently massage her scalp or feet.  Watch her shoulders droop, her neck muscles loosen, and her face mellow with pleasure. 

Full disclosure, I may secretly be wishing to receive one or two of these myself. I won’t give any specifics except that outdoorsy chores are not usually my preference, hint-hint should my family members read this.

Maybe these suggestions will provide some inspiration if you are struggling to find the right gift within your budget.  Even if money is not a concern, they’re still winners.  If you wish to give the gift that keeps on giving, don’t let the conclusion of the holiday stop you from continuous benevolence.

Happy Mother’s Day from The Practical Sort.

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Downsized Spaces

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For many moms, as we begin to age the idea of keeping up with a house, no matter the size, can be daunting.  If your mom is considering downsizing her living space or has already transitioned to smaller quarters, then tangible gifts may not be ideal.  Here are 5 suggestions for alternatives to show you love her and respect her desire to pare down.

1. Spend the day with her.  Take her to lunch, the movies, a play, or a stroll through the park.  Can’t be there in the physical?  Facetime or Skype is the next best thing particularly if it has been a while since she has seen the grandchildren.  Each family member can spend some time making her day special through the lens.

2.  Lend a hand with chores or much needed projects.  Again, if you cannot be there, engage her preferred handy person to do the work.  Remember to have the bill sent directly to you.  Check with her to ensure her schedule is clear and that this arrangement suits her.

3.  Flowers, chocolates, an assortment of teas, or meal delivery are surefire ways to win mom’s heart.  A selection of herbs for her kitchen window will help to spice up meals and enliven the room with inviting scents.

4.  If she is computer savvy, send her a virtual photo album of events that have taken place during the last year or a compendium of momentous occasions through the years.

5.  Ebooks, downloadable music or movies might be the practical ticket especially for moms with mobility issues.

 If all else fails, give mom a phone call and tell her you love her.  That is guaranteed to induce a smile.

valentines-day-1182250_1920 pixabay.jpg

As a gift for Valentine's Day or any other holiday, treat yourself or your honey to the organized living spaces that you crave.  Allow the ambience of your home to reflect your inner beauty.  Make room on the dining table for a floral arrangement, clear out cupboard space for the box of chocolates from your sweetheart, or create space in your closet for a new negligee or sweater. 

No idea where to begin?  Need a hand realizing your organizing goals?  Contact The Practical Sort Eco-Organizing Solutions or today, we will get you sorted with a Valentine gift of organized living.