Practical Closet Tips

Maximize Clothes Storage Regardless of Height

Pull-down closet rod for closet available at

Pull-down closet rod for closet available at

Are you vertically-challenged but need every inch of closet space?  Here is a simple solution for maximizing clothes storage yet if like me, you were not gifted with statuesque legs.

Pull-down rods are ideal and available in a range of widths, depths and adjustable lengths to accommodate various design options and accessibility needs. The adjustable telescoping pull-rod can be sized to your individual needs.

This pull-down rod available at Rev-A -Shelf can be installed for you or instructions are provided for DIYers.

Not only is this perfect for your clothes closet, but it works well in the laundry room too. Why waste valuable space with inefficient designs? Make the most of what you’ve got.

And as for those statuesque legs? My tiny build works just fine (most of the time).

Need assistance figuring out how to fit your stuff into your spaces? Contact A fresh set of eyes and a new perspective for vexing challenges.

Recycling Hangers

Check with your local dry cleaner to see if they will accept used hangers. 

Neat Linen Closets in One Easy Step

From cattywampus to neatly arranged with a quick flip around.

Messy vs. Neat Towels

Messy vs. Neat Towels

A stager's trick to neat looking closets is to place the towel folds facing outward toward the closet door.  This simple trick keeps the towels looking tidier, hides any floppy tags, and enables easy selection.

Organize the towels by color, user, size, room (i.e., master bath, powder room, etc.), then just grab and go.