Create simplicity, create harmony in your living and home-based business spaces.   The Practical Sort offers personal service and high quality standards to ensure that we are responsive to your organizing needs and that your expectations are exceeded.

Make Your Home Work For You

The Practical Sort philosophy is simple.  We want you to achieve sustained practical organization in your home for optimal comfort and function.  As home and life organizers, we can assist you in conquering your spaces to find more peace, relaxation and balance.  Gain control to feel less encumbered by your stuff, spend less time looking for and more time using what you need, and maximize precious and costly storage.

Use Your Brain and Our 4 Step SORT Process

The Practical Sort's brain-based organizing and 4-step SORT process enables us to restore order in your home in a way that is natural and realistic for you.  Organically sorting through and rearranging your surroundings leads to a more lasting commitment to change in your life. 

Save Money, Save Time, Save the Environment

In order to save you money and be kind to our environment, our goal to the extent possible is to use the resources that you have on-hand to get you started to avoid additional purchases and costs.  If you don't have what is needed to complete your organizing project, our concierge services include locating and shopping for storage options.

We love to tackle the projects that are too small for everyone else.

If you feel scattered and overwhelmed by disorder, want to map out your work areas to get jobs done quicker, or wish that your home environment better served your purposes, contact us.  Allow The Practical Sort to simplify your life and make your home work for you.   We will be there every step of the way to support you on your personal journey to organization.  We will get you sorted.

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