Practical Simplicity for Your Home

Are you:

  • Too busy, overwhelmed and frustrated by out-of-control stuff in your home?

  • Avoiding action because you don't know where to begin or because the process seems too big?

  • Embarrassed when guests stop by?

  • Struggling to finish household chores because of misplaced items or cluttered worktops?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, it is time to Take Control, Move Forward, Create Simple Spaces, and Experience Relief using practical organizational solutions.

An Oasis of Calm & Contentment


  • Walking into uncluttered rooms and feeling no tension

  • Feeling pride for your ability to manage your surroundings

  • Unapologetically welcoming visitors

  • Enjoying the freedom and time to do the things you love instead of tending to the things you have

Why wait to get the results you crave?   Make the Change Now

If you are:

  • Tired of feeling the excess weight of stuff in your home
  • Exhausted by the stress of disorder, clutter, and other time wasters
  • Irritated by the inability to gain control

Empower yourself to experience greater productivity, comfort and contentment.  Your home should be your oasis of calm and provide a framework for efficiency.  If you cannot create that haven on your own, The Practical Sort can lend a hand.  One click here and you are on your way to rediscovering your space.

Save Money, Save Time, Save the Environment

In order to save you money and be kind to our environment, our goal, to the extent possible, is to use the resources you have on hand.  If you don't have what is needed to complete your organizing project, our concierge services include locating and shopping for storage options.

We love to tackle the projects that are too small for everyone else.

Contact The Practical Sort to begin your Journey to Organization with a free phone consultation. 

We can make your home work for you and support you each step along the way. 

Need some quick tips to get organized?  Visit My 2 Cent Tips where you will find handy tools for gaining control over your time and space along with many suggestions for making your life easier.


Getting Ready for a Move?

Did you know that an organized and staged home can help you sell your home 72-77% faster* and for a higher price? 

We've got you covered with our Pre-Sale Prep Management. 

  • Our project management services will locate and schedule the contractors you need

  • Organize and maximize your space to make areas appear larger

  • Focus buyers' attention on your home, not your things

  • Reduce your stress

Contact The Practical Sort to schedule your Pre-Sale Prep Consultation.

Check out these free tools to help ensure your move goes smoothly with less stress.

The Practical Sort's Moving Guide Checklist

Practical Tidying Tips for Rapid, Lucrative, Successful Home Sales

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Off-Site Storage:  Tips Before You Rent

Does your home need a top to bottom scrubbing to make it market-ready?  Executive Choice Cleaning, Portland Metro Area's Premier home cleaning service will create a sparkling clean environment to put your home's best look forward. 

Be sure to ask them about their 2-stage move-in package.  They will clean your new residence prior to the movers' arrival so you can be confident that your closets, pantries, cupboards are immaculate before you unpack your belongings.  After the movers leave, they will return to clean up any messes left behind and sanitize your bathrooms. 

Executive Choice Cleaning is committed to using only non-toxic, environmentally safe and sustainable products.  They also provide regularly scheduled appointments and one-time only cleans for special occasions or any time you need an extra hand.  Contact them at 971-270-8878 to book your appointment. 

* According to the Real Estate Staging Association