“You wouldn’t believe the progress I’m making! Knowing how to tackle these tough obstacles from skills I learned from you has been priceless!  I can’t wait to work with you on micro organizing stuff now that the macro is nearly whipped into shape!” Elin S.

“Thank you Sherri! You are an inspiration for me to think of these things, that I was not aware of at all”. Kimberly P.

“My appreciation for your fabulous assistance. I’m so proud of myself!!!!! :-) :-) :-)” Carol V.

"Wow Sherri, I just had a chance to read this [December 2017 blog].  Not only are you a gifted organizer, you are a gifted writer as well! That was just beautiful.  It was such a tight schedule and so many things could have gone wrong.  I felt so fortunate to be involved around the edges of what you did for Lynn and her mom:)"
-Marianne Thelin, Realtor, The Meadows Group

"I’ll say Miracles do Happen! I remember how challenging it was to find someone to help us and feeling rejected. I remember first meeting you and just giving you a hug for showing up. I was so scared we would scare you.  Thank you for being humble enough to dig in right alongside us and giving us the support and encouragement to keep going. And for giving strong pushes when they were needed.  Thanks again for your excellent work."
-Lynn T.

"I hired Sherri, and she's amazing.  Basically running everything from start to finish.  Best investment I've ever made."
-Chris D.

"Thank you.  You were the perfect person to work with us.   I am grateful for your help. "
-Cecilia D.

"This is sooo awesome!  I will highly recommend you to everyone!  I just wish I would have known you before this all got so out of control.  You gave me your wisdom." 
-Jill B.

"Sherri really is the epitome of "The Practical Sort." From analyzing the situation to designing an improved and smart outcome, she has shown me my home and home office can move up a notch in looks and organization without appearing too "fixed."  Her work has left me a quite pleased recipient of her skills, and I do not hesitate to recommend her to others. Plus, an added bonus:  she arrives on time!"
-Deborah DeMoss Smith, Ravensview Productions/Radio Host

“Sherri is a very capable, organized, reliable individual.  She’s a great problem-solver and very easy to work with.”
-Jan H.

"I love working with Sherri.  She’s smart, creative, dependable, insightful, and non-judgmental.  She didn’t even flinch when she saw what a disaster my place was!  I appreciate her unique approach to understanding my personality and creating organizing methods that work best for me long term.  I felt heard and always take ideas and inspiration away from our meetings.   I can’t wait until our next project!"
-Liza McQuade

"Sherri and her team were unbelievable.  They worked as a team to make my craft room/multipurpose room so beautiful.  I can't believe how quick and efficient they were and how painless they made my experience.  It was so fun."
-Lisa Belfiore


Out of courtesy to my clients, for those who have requested privacy, some testimonials (with permission) only use a last initial. Confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance to The Practical Sort.

Have you worked with The Practical Sort? If you are a current or former customer, please share your thoughts about your Practical Sort organizing experience so that we may deliver the highest levels of service.