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Practical, Eco-Friendly Organizing Solutions for Busy Women

Do you wish you could banish clutter and disorganization in your home?   Let’s restore the “wow” factor so you can be as productive, comfortable, and content in your home as you want to be.  Schedule your free phone consultation to begin getting sorted today.

Face it, many of us have too much stuff.  We don't know where to put it or how to arrange it so we can sail through our chores efficiently. 

Frustration and overwhelm caused by disorder in your home can be challenging to your physical, emotional, relationship, and financial health.

Transform your surroundings to create a calmer, less cluttered, more productive, healthier home environment.

I'm Sherri and I am the Practical Sort.  I help successful, busy women, like you, open the doors to greater comfort and productivity. 

You no longer need to experience shoulder tension, stomach knots, and agita caused by out of control paper piles, countertop chaos, and misplaced items. 

Tap into your inner organizer with practical solutions to fit your busy lifestyle.

Since I was a child, I have used the strengths of my brain-type to find ways to foster order.  Over the past 20+ years, I have assisted non-profits in various areas of the country, schools, school libraries, education fundraising entities, and friends discover ways to make their daily routines work better for them.

Prior to having children, I worked at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Recycling Program   With that frame of reference, one of my top priorities is to help you find ways to reimagine uses for your everyday items to avoid unnecessary purchases, and discard unwanted items in an eco-minded way.

As I faced the exciting new "Freebird" phase of my life, I redirected my focus into starting my own Residential Eco-Organizing & Home Sale Prep Management business guiding women to overcome their organizational struggles.

Find out how you can begin your Journey to Organization with a free phone consultation.  Schedule your appointment by clicking the button below.  

Selling your home?  Too busy to coordinate the staggering number of home projects to prepare your home for listing?  Does the thought of painting, carpet cleaning, window washing, working with contractors make your head spin?  Put your home’s best look forward with The Practical Sort’s Pre-Sale Project Management Services.  We’ll work with the contractors so you don’t have to.