The Practical Sort Story


As featured on KATU's Afternoon Live, One-Click Lindsey's PDX Small Business Network Podcast, and in Forest Heights Magazine, Better Smarter Richer Blog, and Oregon Jewish Life Magazine

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Frustration, overwhelm, and tension caused by excess stuff or inefficiency no longer needs to be part of your story.

I'm Sherri aka The Practical Sort.  I provide practical solutions for busy women struggling with disorganization.  Women who wish to conquer the chaos, banish the clutter and tap into their inner organizer. 

For over 20 years, I assisted non-profits, family members, and friends bring about order to make operations, routines, and spaces work better for them in an eco-friendly way.   As I transitioned into a "Freebird" sending my last child off to college, I redirected my skills into starting my own business spreading the joys of my passion, and helping clients rediscover why they love their homes.

Prior to having children, I worked at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the early days of grass roots recycling.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, and Reimagine are key messages I enjoy sharing.  Being that this is already part of Portland culture, it is a message that is willingly embraced.

If you are not lovin' your home so much, if you are struggling to get it together, if you could use an extra set of eyes, ears, hands, and perspective to craft the living environment you crave, shoot me an at or request a free phone consultation by clicking here, and let's get your home sorted so you can love it LOTS.

Contact to find out how we can help you rediscover your space and begin your journey to organization.